Book Covers—Monochromatic

You will create covers for a book you read in English class. Each of the covers will be MONOCHROMATIC (one color family), 600px W x 800px Ht @72ppi, and saved as a JPG.

On Thu/Fri, the class will work together to make a book cover for THE ODYSSEY. You will hand in your completed Odyssey book cover.

Then you will choose a book you read for English class in the last two years. It CANNOT BE A MANGA OR PICTURE BOOK!!!

Do NOT USE Cartoons of Drawings made by another designer/artist.


You will create a new Pixlr file 600px W x 800px Ht.

  • First do a Google image search for “Odysseus” — that’s the main character in Homer’s “The Odyssey.” You can also search for “Ancient Greece,” “Map of Greece,” or any specific scene from the story of Odysseus’s journey.
  • Insert your images into the new file.
  • Mr. Machtay will show you how to remove the colors from the image (image > adjustments > desaturate).
  • Then Mr. Machtay will show you how to apply a new color to the image (image > adjustments > color balance).
  • Screen uses RGB Color (Red-Green-Blue). Note that Cyan (Green + Blue) is the opposite of Red. Magenta (Blue + Red) is the opposite of Green. And Yellow (Red + Green) is the opposite of Blue. (We will learn more about the RGB Color Wheel if you continue into Digital Communication.)
  • Choose a color to use for the Odyssey book cover. You can combine colors at different settings. For instance: Cyan at 50, Blue at 25. The story of The Odyssey takes place on water. This greenish-blue color suggests water.
  • Place the words “The Odyssey” in a prominent place. Make sure the words are easy to read. Make sure the words are not covering an important part of a picture. Then place the words “by Homer.” The author’s credit should be smaller than the name of the book. Once again make sure the words are well placed in your design.
  • Save your file as a JPG (3lastnameodyssey.jpg)
3 BOOK COVERS—Monochromatic (one color family)
  • Now choose a book you read in English class sometime in the last two years. (It cannot be Manga or a picture book!)
  • Search for pictures for your book cover. You must NOT use pictures from a movie version of the book (unless you get permission from Mr. Machtay).
  • On each of the book covers you design, combine at least two pictures. Be careful with placement of the book title and the author’s name. Make sure they’re easy to read and not hiding an important part of the image.
  • Save each completed book cover as a JPG.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Don’t search for the name of your book! If you do a search for “To Kill a Mockingbird” you’ll get pictures from the movie and book covers. What are the elements in that book you can search for? Black Man, White Lawyer, Southern Courthouse, Lynching. Don’t search for “Animal Farm.” Search for photos of pigs, horses, etc.
IMPORTANT: You have learned FILTERS, LAYER STYLES, LAYER MASKS, CUT-OUTS. You have also learned PRINCIPLES OF GOOD LAYOUT. Show what you’ve learned!