Proposal for Media Arts 5

Please answer the following questions and hand in to Mr Machtay on Monday May 28: What subject/topic/question do you want to make a movie about next year? Why are you interested/passionate about this subject? What audience do you most want to reach with this movie? What do you want the audience to think/ feel/ do after seeing this movie? What

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Proposal for Video

STEP ONE: Choose ONE of the questions below and write approx. 100 words to answer: What’s the most important thing you learned in the last year? Talk about a time you lost someone or something precious to you What scares you? What issue is so important to you that you’d be willing to go to jail for it? Talk about

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Write About a Director

Information about the director’s life: born, died, education, other jobs, awards? What were influences on this director’s work? Who did he/she learn from? How did he/she become a director? What was this director famous for? What types of movies? What style or genre? What makes this director’s work identifiable? What did critics say about this director’s work? How did this

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