Designing Your Website in Photoshop

Go to machtayh > dropoff folder. Get the file called “webpagelayout” and drag it onto your desktop or your account. Open this file in Photoshop. Open the file you created for page header/logo. Drag that logo onto webpagelayout. Apply the background for webpagelayout. Remember you can create a small image, select edit > define pattern, then use the paintbucket to

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Galileo Logo

Goal: To apply the basic Photoshop skills learned in week one, at the same time developing aesthetic appreciation. These skills are: Using pixels (72ppi) Color Picker Brush Tool Options Marquee Tool Edit > Transform (scale, rotate) Type Tool Layer Styles Image Search Insert Image Using Filters STEPS Photoshop — new file 400 px wide X 200 px ht. Create a

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