Metaphorical Montage

Choose a storyline for your Metaphorical Montage. Then make a storyboard of what shots you need to get. You will be communicating visually. You could make a Metaphorical Montage that shows a day in the life of a student. Or a year in the life of a student. Or the course of a relationship (boyfriend-girlfriend) or of two best friends. Or you

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Select Pathway/Academy Ads

For today’s class, re-join your pathway/academy ad campaign team. One person from your team should download from pickupdropoff > machtayh > pickup > pathwayads16. The entire team should go through the folders of ads together. You are only looking at the ads for your own academy/pathway. Select 5 or 6 that your team likes best. Put a color tag on

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Meeting with Program Reps

Over the next two days your team members will be meeting with student representatives form each of the programs. This is what you need to explain/discuss with the program reps: GALILEOWEB SITE: We will be building out their program’s sub-site on Galileoweb. Your team will have Editor privileges and Mr. Machtay will have Administrator privileges for the site. Get

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