Job helping a Retired person

my name is steve ruud and i live at lyon and lombard. it is a nice and secure environment. i am retired and when i grew up there were no computers. this is a new world to me and i need your help.
for the right person this would be a regular, p/t job. $10 per hour. i have a video camera that i never used and a lot of gadgets.
i also have a lot of paperwork and i need help to organize my place.
i would like to have regular hours, for example two hours twice a week. this can be adjusted, but i like a regular schedule.

my phone number is 447 9760. i have lived in many countries so i know that the world is round, but i still have a lot to learn.
it is a never ending process. we can learn from each other.

i would appreciate a resume by email ( from each applicant. – Steve

Bay Care4U

      Bay Chiropractic Center
                                  220 Bush St
                                  San Francisco Ca 94104
                                   415 984-2706
                                    fax:415 781-7514


We are seeking an outgoing,friendly individual to assist us in educating the public on health issues thru our community outreach programs. This includes table topping at venues and events.

We are seeking a responsible,detailed ,oriented individual to assist us in light office administrative duties: filing,chart formation and basic data entry.

We will train the best candidate!

Hours are Tuesday,Thursday 6-10 hrs per week. Sample schedule varies from start times 3:30-4:30 P.M to end times 7-8P.P.M
Salary : Minimum Wage or greater depending on the skill set,experience. We prefer a high school senior,at least 17 years of age.
Please call,fax or email if interested.