Apply to Join DCYF’s Youth Empowerment Fund Advisory Board (YEFAB)

Apply to Join DCYF’s Youth Empowerment Fund Advisory Board (YEFAB)

Applications Due Monday, September 27th @ 5pm

Apply online at:

What is the YEFAB?

DCYF’s Youth Empowerment Fund Advisory Board (YEFAB) is looking for 8 young people (ages 16-20) who want to help make a change in communities in San Francisco by funding and evaluating youth programs. Members of the YEFAB decide how to fund up to $1 million in youth-led projects each year, work closely with the SF Youth Commission, and serve as a voice for San Francisco’s youth.

What do YEFAB members do?

•          Work and attend meetings up to 5 hours a week

•          Make decisions on how to fund youth-led projects

•          Develop leadership skills and learn how to read and review grant proposals

•          Get to know youth programs in San Francisco

•          Run community meetings such as trainings, workshops, and focus groups

•          Learn about how youth are being leaders in youth programs and community organizations

What qualifies you to become a YEFAB member?

•          Be a resident of San Francisco

•          Be between the ages of 16-20

•          Be a leader at school, in a community organization, or in an extracurricular activity

•          Interested in working with youth and adults from diverse backgrounds

•          In good academic standing and have a 2.5 cumulative GPA

What do YEFAB members get?

•          Receive a $10 hourly stipend for your involvement

•          New friends!!!

•          Leadership skills and personal growth

Apply at:

For more info, contact Bryant Tan, Youth Empowerment Fund Coordinator: or 415-557-6727

Pick up and application online at

Work in Galileo’s Wellness Center

Application for Galileo Wellness

Youth Outreach Worker Program

2010- 2011

The Youth Outreach Workers (YOWs) at Galileo’s Wellness Center will develop youth leadership skills and will assist in planning and implementing school-wide health and wellness-related activities, under the supervision of the adult Youth Outreach Coordinator.

Each YOW will be compensated financially with a stipend of $300-$375, to be paid at the end of the school year.

Student applicants must complete the information below, which is required for payment of stipends and reporting to
the funders of the Youth Outreach Program.

Application deadline: September 22nd!
Click here for application:

YOW Application 10-11