Apply to Join DCYF’s Youth Empowerment Fund Advisory Board (YEFAB)

Apply to Join DCYF’s Youth Empowerment Fund Advisory Board (YEFAB)

Applications Due Monday, September 27th @ 5pm

Apply online at:

What is the YEFAB?

DCYF’s Youth Empowerment Fund Advisory Board (YEFAB) is looking for 8 young people (ages 16-20) who want to help make a change in communities in San Francisco by funding and evaluating youth programs. Members of the YEFAB decide how to fund up to $1 million in youth-led projects each year, work closely with the SF Youth Commission, and serve as a voice for San Francisco’s youth.

What do YEFAB members do?

•          Work and attend meetings up to 5 hours a week

•          Make decisions on how to fund youth-led projects

•          Develop leadership skills and learn how to read and review grant proposals

•          Get to know youth programs in San Francisco

•          Run community meetings such as trainings, workshops, and focus groups

•          Learn about how youth are being leaders in youth programs and community organizations

What qualifies you to become a YEFAB member?

•          Be a resident of San Francisco

•          Be between the ages of 16-20

•          Be a leader at school, in a community organization, or in an extracurricular activity

•          Interested in working with youth and adults from diverse backgrounds

•          In good academic standing and have a 2.5 cumulative GPA

What do YEFAB members get?

•          Receive a $10 hourly stipend for your involvement

•          New friends!!!

•          Leadership skills and personal growth

Apply at:

For more info, contact Bryant Tan, Youth Empowerment Fund Coordinator: or 415-557-6727

Pick up and application online at