John Adams — Spring 2011

If you need to make up a class next semester, come see me, Ms. Ng, ASAP to register for night school at John Adams. Classes that will be offered include: English, Algebra, Geometry, Modern World, Economics, Physical Science, Biology, and more. The schedule for these classes will vary, but all classes will start January 18th until May 26th.

PE Credit

For PE credit (2nd year) – AVID Students ONLY!:

  1. One season of sports = one semester of PE credit. Form available in my office.
  2. 90 hrs of physical activity at a gym = one semester of PE. Letter (on the gym’s official letterhead) that states: “Student ________ fulfilled 180 hrs of physical activity at _________. Sincerely, _______”
  3. Time sheet to help log in those PE hours: PE log

John Adams

For the Spring semester, John Adams is accepting applications NOW. Come see me for the form, which you will need parent signature for, and go to John Adams to register for the class. Classes offered include English, Algebra, US History, Biology.

First come first serve.  Registration ends beginning of February 09. Must be 16 years or older to attend.

John Adams is located at 1250 Waller Street (near Masonic and Haight). Registration is in Room 340.
MUNI lines: 43, 6, 7, 37, and 71