Letters of Rec

To request a letter of recommendation from me, please submit the following to me at least 4 weeks prior to the due date.

Click here for Counselor Appraisal Form

When thinking about asking a teacher to write your letter of rec, follow these guidelines below:

Which Teachers to Ask for letters of rec

  1. A teacher who is very familiar with your abilities as a student, usually someone you had the previous school year.
  2. One who will be able to make positive observations regarding your abilities; do not ask a teacher unless you are performing above average in a class. Do not select a teacher just because you got an “A” – the teacher should know you on a personal level.
  3. Most colleges want a letter of rec from a teacher of a course that requires a fair amount of writing (ie English, Social Studies, or AVID). If you are majoring in a math or science, you should ask a math or science teacher.
  4. Teachers do not have to show you the letter before sending it in. That is why it’s so important to choose teachers that you have a good relationship with.

How to Ask for letters of rec

  1. Ask the teacher first before presenting the recommendation form.
  2. Give the form to the teacher at least four weeks prior to the due date.
  3. Ask the teacher if they might need more info about you before writing the letter. Ask them if they would like you to fill out the Appraisal Packet that Ms. Chan has prepared, or if they have their own worksheet for you to fill out.
  4. Verbally thank the teacher for agreeing to write this letter.
  5. Gently remind the teacher two weeks prior, and the week prior.
  6. Follow up with a written thank-you letter. I can help you with this.