The Great Campaign

May 25, 2006$341

Testing the Chickens

April 5, 2006

Which comes first?  The egg or the chicken?


April 5, 2006

The Chickens


March 22, 2006


The Chickens

March 22, 2006

English European Agendas/Homework

March 22, 2006

Agenda for 4/7/06:

Agenda for 4/3/06-4/5:

Check Rough drafts of Scripts
Continue working on Scripts


Work on scripts
Finish ORR books by 4/5

Agenda for 3/29/06:

Discussion about yesterday’s “Day of Silence”

ORR groups


Bring rough drafts of scripts to class Monday

Finish ORR books by Wednesday

Agenda for 3/28/06:

Take Quiz on your play

Handout:  Scripts are just  Elements

Begin writing scripts for your play project


Bring Rough drafts to class MOnday

Bring ORR books and Materials to class

Agenda for 3/27/06:

QW:  Discuss your feelings regarding tomorrow’s day of silence.
Discuss articles in groups
Finalize storyboards– be prepared to begin script tomorrow
Study as a group


Study for quiz on your play
Bring ORR book and materials on Wed.

Agenda for 3/24/06:

Study for Voc Quiz
Voc Quiz
ORR groups the entire period


Bring plays to class Monday
Bring one additional article about your play on Monday– be prepared to summarize it to your group

Agenda for 3/22/06:

Go to the Talent Show


Bring ORR books and Materials to class on Friday
Study for Vocabulary quiz Friday

Controversial Issues

March 22, 2006

The following are links to websites with information concerning the
available topics for the research paper.  In addition to these
provided, feel free to read other articles that you find in your
internet research.

  • Euthanasia/ Assisted Suicide
  • Abortion/ Contraception (Morning After Pill)
    • Abortion facts; this site contains links to organizations,
      provides genereal information about abortion, statistics, memoirs and
    • National Abortion Federation (NAF):
      The National Abortion Federation (NAF) is the professional association of
      abortion providers in the United
      States and Canada. They believe that
      women should be trusted to make
      private medical decisions in consultation
      with their health care providers.
      NAF currently offers quality training
      and services to abortion providers
      and unbiased information and referral
      services to women.
    • Abortion
      Law Homepage:  This page is constructed to help people understand
      the background and state of abortion in America, and access related
      legal material– especially that which is less available and less well
    • National
      Right to Life:  The ultimate goal of the National Right to Life
      Committee is to restore legal protection to innocent human life.
    • Planned Parenthood: Planned Parenthood believes in the
      fundamental right of each
      individual, throughout the world, to manage his or her fertility,
      regardless of the individual’s income, marital status, race, ethnicity,
      sexual orientation, age, national origin, or residence.
    • Pro Life America: This site provides the arguments for choosing
      life over abortion, testimonies of women who’ve had abortions, images
      of aborted fetuses and statistics all that support this

  • Brainwashing/ Psychological Conditioning
    • Rick A. Ross Institute: This website contains data on
      mind-manipulation; controversial cult mentality, persuasion techniques
      to the way in which the news brainwashes us.
    • The Skeptics dictionary: This site provides analysis of ways in
      which brainwashing techniques have been the scapegoat for aspects of
      our behavior and society.
    • Animal Training; This site discussing methods and theories
      associated with training animals.  This information can be used to
      speculate the responses one might achieve with human subjects.
    • Hypnosis.Com; This website contains general data about the science of hypnosis.
    • Rotten. Com: This website takes a look at historical cases of mind control.
    • Data Filter:  This site focuses on the political aspects of mind control.  The political
      aspect of mind control concerns its use in a “free” society:  the
      testing of the technology on nonconsensual subjects, its use in
      political persuasion and in suppressing dissent, as well as how the very
      existence of the technology is covered up and concealed.
    • Educate Yourself:  This website informs people of what makes them vulnerable to mind control.


March 14, 2006

The topics up for debate are controversial because there is much information on both sides of the issue.  It is up to you to gather as much of that information.  There is no limit to the number of sources you can have, but  each group is responsible for finding 10 sites/articles that discuss their topics.  Be sure to document the sources that you obtain via the internet, as well, you should print out articles to share with each group member.  All teams are responsible for knowing all the information.   Listed below are some websites/links to some credible material on the topics. 

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