Galileo Academy PTSA – Sponsored Events/Projects -2013-2014

Thank you for your generous donations to the Education Fund Drive.
Here are some of “Your Donations Put to Good Use”:

We were able to sponsor the Freshmen Orientation Lunch held on August
16, 2013 providing lunches for over 500 students, parents, teachers and staff.

Galileo Academy of Science and Technology’s 18 page
Recruitment/Information Brochures given to prospective students and
parents as well as School Visitors from all over the country.

Annual Teacher/Staff Appreciation Luncheon-sponsored by PTSA to
personally thank all the teachers and staff for their year long hard work
and support to our students.

Education and Enrichment Grant Awards to teachers and staff.
Complete list of grant awards can be found in our PTSA website
under “Project &Grant status”.

Gifts for the annual “Teacher “ and “Staff” of the year winners chosen by

Parent Meetings and Wellness Workshops to help support parents as their
child goes through the high school years.