2014-2015 Education Grant Status

Here is a running list of 2014-2015 Education Grant Status, please feel free to email us for more details at: PTSA-Treasurer@galileoweb.org

The Galileo PTSA is pleased to announce funding for the following projects in 2014-2015:

1. Lab tables                                    $6,066.15*

2. Stools                                           $3,044.11

3. Biochem probeware                 $4,973.69

4. Graphing Calculators              $  552.16*

5. Computer Class equipment     $1,778.96

6. Galileo Planners-                      $500 –


Total:  $16,915.07


* We contributed funding to existing requests made by our teachers on the donorschoose.org website.

These planners were subsidized to provide Galileo students an opportunity to purchase planners for only $1 or to get them for free if they purchase an ASB sticker.