Annual Events

The PTSA has several annual events during the school year.   There are also other events which are not done annually.  These events can be found in the Events Page.

The following are a list of the annual events by month.



Freshman Orientation Brunch/BBQ

The Freshman Orientation is held the week before the school year starts.   It’s organizated by the Galileo teachers and staff to introduce Galileo to the new Freshman class.   The event is a full days event which includes a Brunch/BBQ which is sponsors by the PTSA.   During this event the PTSA has an information booth which provides information on joining the PTSA and how new families can contribute to the school via the PTSA activities.�


College Workshop: Ideal College

This event is held in the evening and the workshop is presented by our College and Career counselors to inform parents and students on what criteria to consider when choosing the “ideal college”. It’s never too early to start planning and all students and parents are encouraged to attend. This event is announced in the events and meetings web pages.�

Education Fund Drive

The Education Fund Drive is a 3 month event which is focus on promoting the Education Fund which is the primary source of funds used to support Galileo. During the Drive families are encourage to donate to the Education Fund to help reach a fundraising goal. During the Drive the PTSA list the grant request from Galileo teacher and staff which help families understand how the contributions will benefits their students.  More information is available on the Donate web page.


Galileo Welcome Open House (Back to School Night)

During Galileo’s Welcome Open House, families can visit with students’ teachers to learn more about the classes, grading policy, etc. This event is held in the evening and the PTSA has a food and drink sales to provide refreshment/dinner for families. The money from the sales either supports the PTSA and/or one of the Galileo graduating classes.


College Financial Aid and Scholarship Workshop

This event is held in the evening and is co-sponsored by the Galileo’s College and Career Center and the PTSA. Learn resources for getting money to support your student’s college education. This workshop is highly recommended for Junior and Senior students and parents. This event is announced in the events and meetings web pages.



Galileo World Party Multicultural Night

The night begins with the Multicultural entertainment where students perform. This event is held in the evening and the PTSA hosts a potluck dinner for families.


Teachers and Staff Appreciation Lunch

The First week of May is National Teacher Appreciation Week. During this week, the PTSA honors the teachers and staff of Galileo by sponsoring The Teachers and Staff Appreciation Lunch. The lunch is scheduled after school on block day. The lunch features a fabulous lunch buffet and door prizes. This is a perfect opportunity for parents and students to volunteer and show their appreciation!

Seniors Graduation Breakfast

This event is held on the week of Graduation Ceremonies. The PTSA works with the ASB Advisor and Senior Class to provide support (financial and volunteers) to ensure seniors have a fun and memorable senior breakfast. At the Senior Breakfast, graduates look forward to a delicious hot breakfast buffet, yearbook signing, and other exciting activities planned by the Senior Class such as door prizes, etc. Students depend on the PTSA to make this annual event unforgettable,  so please consider volunteering.