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Four new partners help to raise money for Galileo

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There are many ways to help Galileo rasie funds, so check out our Donation and Support page by clicking Here.

Silent Auction at Galileo Homecoming All Decade Class Reunion

The Galileo PTSA will be holding a Silent Auction at the Galileo Homecoming All Decade Class Reunion on Saturday September 24, 2011.

Come join the festivities and participate in the Silent Auction.

Click Here to view the Silent Auction Catalog – Adobe PDF

For more details on the  Galileo Homecoming All Decade Class Reunion, click Here.

If you have any questions, please contact Caroline Scott @

Meeting Minutes for April 21, 2010

Galileo Academy of Science & Technology PTSA,  April 21, 2010

General Meeting minutes

Attendees:  see attached Sign in sheet

1.     Call to Order, Welcome and Introductions

2. Principal’s Report:  Zoe Duskin thanked the PTSA for all the work that they’ve done this year to support Galileo.  Senior finals will be in May, 1 week earlier than the rest of the students.  Zoe visited some 8th graders and one of their comments was that transitioning to high school – the building is big and there are lots of stairs.  With more Newcomer High students coming to Gal. we will get more funding.  Incoming freshmen were mailed letters about the Open House, School Loop and PTSA.  STAR testing will also happen next week.

3.  Minutes of the March 10 meeting were discussed and approved.

4.     PTSA 2010-2011 Board Nomination and Election:  Congratulations to the new executive board officers:  Pres. Gayline Tom (current PTSA VP, junior and freshmen parent, active member 5 years), Vice President Caroline Scott (freshmen parent, would like to do more fundraising next year, and will be the new Grants Chair), Treasurer Alma Michel (active freshmen parent with strong desire to serve on PTSA board), Secretary Frances Tai (freshmen parent, organized LUCKY SHARES, co-chair Teacher/staff Appreciation Luncheon), Membership Chair Victor Yan (Sophomore parent, current membership chair- Mr. All Around).  Auditor is still needed by Dec.

Pattie Prichard will talk to her husband to see if he’s interested.

5.     Program & Committee Reports:

–         Teacher & Staff Appreciation Luncheon, May 4th, Tues. 1:15.  Jeanne reported that planning is moving along.  New this year is the need to get a “building use” permit and a “Kitchen facility use” application form.

–         Education /Enrichment Grants:  Jeanne reported that Jenny Lowe’s original award grant for the “About Face” workshop on body image was cancelled and she requested that 4 books on body image be

–         bought instead.  Mr. Delaney was awarded $540 for 10th months of Verizon internet service subscription to be used by all teachers at Gal.

Mr. Wing’s application for Welcome Assembly Speaker Keith     Hawkins was approved pending signature needed on form.

–         Teacher and Staff of the Year:  PTSA again donated Restaurant Gift Certificates to the winners:  Ms. Ramos-Teacher of the Year and Bai Zhen-Staff of the Year.

–  Membership:  165 members as of today.

–          Education Fund Drive:  Stella reported total funds of $7,180.

6.     Financial Report & Reimbursement request.

Tami reported total deposits of $8,718.10, Total expenses of $11,927.74 which includes $1,482.50 for Galileo Brochures and $500 for Welcome Speaker from Real Inspirations), Ending bank balance of $2,030.09.

Additional Savings:  $20,854.07 savings/$40,000 CD

Tech Grant balance:  $16,998.66.

Reimbursement of $150 was approved for stipend to Erica Monesterio-Wellness speaker.

7 announcements:

-Open House May 12, 6-8:00pm, current and new officers will be introduced in program, Victor will set up membership table and volunteers are needed to talk to new parents.  Current parents can visit teachers and see students’ work.

-Incoming freshmen testing will happen May 15 from 8-1:00. Ms. Lambert asked for parent volunteers to help out that morning.

-Freshmen Orientation is Friday, Aug. 13.

8.     Other business:  Jeanne brought up having career education earlier instead of in the 12th grade, by this time information on colleges/majors/careers that some seniors have not learned will not help students in their  “college application process”.  Ms. Lambert informed us that beginning Fall 2010, Freshmans will be taking the Career/Health Education classes.

Meeting adjourned 7:30

Minutes by Jeanne Yee, PTSA Secretary

Approval of minutes: Motion was made by Caroline Scott, to approve the minutes at the General PTSA meeting dated September 8, 2010.

Motion carried.



Submitted by ____________Francis J. Tai____________ PTSA Secretary

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