Meeting Mintues for March 11, 2009

Galileo Academy of Science & Technology PTSA

Minutes of March 11, 2009 meeting

Attendees: Jean Chan, Sharon Wong, Bill Wong, Vivian Cheung, Nancy Huang, Huixia Li, Jie Ling Peng, Lydia Lee, Min Chen, Pauline Hee, Joan Hee, Victor Yan, Bertalian Interiaio, Fred Jackman, Wen Fang Hui, Yip Pui Keun, Sio Kwok, Li Chang Ruhn, Xi Sheng Liao, Hao Thi Nguyen, Lawrence Diep, Pascale Leroy-Marr, Jeanne Yee, Norma Chan, Nancy Cheng, Ava Chou, Suk Jackson, Marilyn Hubbard, Paul Matsumoto, Ken Lee, Curdy Woo, T.K. Woo, and Stella Leung.

  1. Meeting was called to order. Welcome and Introductions were made.
  2. Minutes of Jan. 14, 2009 meeting reviewed and approved.
  3. Vice Principal Hubbard reported that the construction project at Galileo is completed. Galileo had some Fullbright Fellowship scholars from all over the world to visit and talk to Galileo students. The NAF (National Academy Foundation) members came to visit Galileo to share information on the AOIT and AOHT pathways.
  4. Committee Reports:
    • Membership:  currently 107 members
    • Discussion and Approval of Jessica Colvin’s Education/Enrichment Grant application for $410.80 to purchase 2 iPod shuffles, 4 $10 gift cards from iTunes and 70 $3.50 Jamba juice cards.  The above “prizes” will be given out to students as incentives for them to access the Galileo Wellness website and utilize all it’s features and information.
      The amount of information, support and resources there are outstanding.  All Galileo students can have access to this all year round.
    • Commemorative Tile Drive – total available 56, so far 15 sold
    • Education Fund Drive – total received from Jan. mailer – $2,635
                       Previous donations and employer matching – $5,292
                                                               Total year to date – $7,927
  5. PTSA will donate and present 2 $100 Restaurant Gift Certificates for the 2009 Galileo “Teacher of the   Year” and “Staff of the Year” at the ASB Election Assembly on April 3. Other top teacher and staff runners up will receive gift cards.
  6. The 2009-2010 Election of PTSA officers is coming up in the April 22 meeting. Officers needed include President, Secretary and Treasurer. Interested parents, please talk to Stella Leung- or Jeanne Yee
  7. Volunteers are needed to host the 5th annual Teacher/Staff Appreciation Luncheon to be held on Tuesday, May 5 in the cafeteria. A sign up sheet went around. Parents interested in helping should email Jeanne by using PTSA Info
  8. Briana Wong, freshmen at Galileo is running for Miss Teen Chinatown. People interested in attending the Gala can see Jessica Wong after meeting.
  9. The GAA (Galileo Alumni Association) is having their next meeting on March 12, 6:30 in room 210-Galileo.

Next meeting is Wed. April 22, 2009, 6:00-8:30 in the library.
Dinner Served followed by Wellness Workshop presented by:
       Common Sense Media – Digital Teens:  Safe, Smart, Responsible
       and Ben Chun, Galileo teacher/tech expert.

Minutes taken by Jeanne Yee  For Patricia Larson-Secretary

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