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The Galileo Academy PTSA provides education and enrichment grants to teachers and staff who are current PTSA members (school year – July 1 to June 30).  Membership forms are available at: .

Grant application forms can be downloaded here .  A list of Grants awarded is also available on the website.

Grant applications and all corresponding documentation should be submitted to the Education Enrichment Chair one week prior to the PTSA Executive Board meetings, which are held the first Wednesday of each month. The Chair reviews applications and presents them to the PTSA Executive Board for discussion. Recommendations are presented for approval at the General PTSA meetings. Grant award letters indicating “full, partial or no funding” are distributed within 2 weeks after approval at the meetings.

Completed hard copy applications with original signatures should be put into the PTSA mailbox “Attn: Education Enrichment Chair” located in Galileo’s Main Office.  At the same time, a copy of the typed application, or a message should be submitted by email to the Education Enrichment Chair at Any deviation from this process timeline may cause a delay in rendering a decision.

If you have any questions, please email to Education Enrichment Chair at: or leave a note addressed to the PTSA Education Enrichment Chair in the PTSA mailbox.



PTSA Grant Funding Guidelines and Instructions

  • PTSA funds should benefit the largest possible number of students within the scope of proposed grant.
  • Grants are awarded for projects, equipment or supplies not traditionally funded by SFUSD.  PTSA funding excludes living accommodations.
  • In accordance with SFUSD policy, grants cannot be provided to change facilities structure or provide transportation funds.
  • Faculty members must have their applications signed by their department chair.
  • Applications must be approved/submitted by a faculty/staff sponsor or the Principal before they are submitted to Grants committee for review.
  • Department chairs, staff and administrators must have their applications signed by the Principal.
  • All projects funded by PTSA grants should afford access to all students regardless of ability to pay, be in compliance with all laws governing disabled access, and are supervised by grant award recipient or approved designee.
  • Budget:  Please provide an itemized list of what’s being requested and its cost with a TOTAL amount requested.  You may also submit an “estimated quote” from the company you are planning to purchase item(s) from (include any tax, shipping and handling costs) with your application.
  • Reimbursement Process for Grant Awards:  At the conclusion of the project, applicants must submit to PTSA: 1) receipts to verify grant expenditures and 2) the “Payment Request Form” provided by the Education Enrichment Chair.

Please note that any expenditure incurred by applicant before receiving the Grant Award letter is the responsibility of the applicant.