Current Event Summary Template

Posted: August 26, 2009

Action Verb Bank: Use these verbs to summarize what the author says in the article

discusses, discuss                                                      examines, examine

explores, explore                                                       focuses on, focus on

is concerned with, are concerned with                   concludes, conclude

notes, note                                                                 emphasizes, emphasizes

addresses, address                                                   mentions, mention

reports, report                                                           states, state

points, point                                                               writes, write


 Summary Template that you may use



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Current Events: The Assigned Topic


In the article entitled [title of your article], [author(s) full name] reports that summarize overall main idea: ____________________________________________________________. First, [Author’s last name] writes that [summarize 1st fact]. In addition, [pick one: He/She/They] note(s) that  [summarize 2nd fact]. Also, [Author’s last name ]  [select any action verb from Word Bank] that [summarize 3rd  fact.] Moreover, [ He/ She/They] [select any action verb from Word Bank] that [summarize 4th fact]. Finally, [Author’s last name] concludes that [summarize last important fact].

This article relates to what we have been learning in class because draw connections to the class: _______________________________________________. I think/feel/am under the impression that your own thoughts, feelings and opinions:_______________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________. I think/feel this way because ________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________________. Any other reflection about the topic.

MLA Citation

Author’s last name, Authors first name. “Article’s Title.” Name of Newspaper. Day Month Year of publication. Day Month Year you read it. Website URL



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Current Events: Middle East (That week’s topic)

            In the article “U.S. kills Taliban insurgents who downed SEALs’ helicopter”, Laura King and Ken Dilanian report that an American airstrike killed insurgents whose attacks killed 22 Navy SEALs’ and 8 others. First, King and Dilanian address how the helicopter went down as the SEALs’ were rushing to aid follow elite troops. Also, they point out that a special operations forces tracked down a group of insurgents and called in an airstrike. In addition, King and Dilanian highlight the fact that the helicopter represented the worst loss of military lives in a single incident in the nearly 10-year old war. Moreover, the journalists mention that no civilians were hurt in the bombardment. Finally, they conclude by stating that the team included 17 SEALs’, five Navy special operations troops who support the SEALs’, three Air Force troops, a five member Army air crew and a military dog.


Write your own conclusion/reflection paragraph. Analyze what happened and offer an opinion about it.


King, Laura, and Ken Dilanian. “U.S. kills Taliban insurgents who downed SEALs helicopter.” Los Angeles Times. 08 Aug 2011. 09 Aug 2011.





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