Current Event Summary Template

Posted: August 26, 2009

Current Event Summary Template

Your first sentence should state the author and title of work you are summarizing, as well as the main idea of the article.

Your next sentences should succinctly state the major sub points of the article. You should have 4 to 5 sub points.

Do not provide quotes or supporting evidence from the article. Your task is simply to pluck out the main ideas.


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Mr. Rodriguez

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Current Events: Middle East (That week’s topic)

            In the article “U.S. kills Taliban insurgents who downed SEALs’ helicopter”, Laura King and Ken Dilanian report that an American airstrike killed insurgents whose attacks killed 22 Navy SEALs’ and 8 others. First, King and Dilanian address how the helicopter went down as the SEALs’ were rushing to aid follow elite troops. Also, they point out that a special operations forces tracked down a group of insurgents and called in an airstrike. In addition, King and Dilanian highlight the fact that the helicopter represented the worst loss of military lives in a single incident in the nearly 10-year old war. Moreover, the journalists mention that no civilians were hurt in the bombardment. Finally, they conclude by stating that the team included 17 SEALs’, five Navy special operations troops who support the SEALs’, three Air Force troops, a five member Army air crew and a military dog.


Write your own conclusion/reflection paragraph. Analyze what happened and offer an opinion about it.


King, Laura, and Ken Dilanian. “U.S. kills Taliban insurgents who downed SEALs helicopter.” Los Angeles Times. 08 Aug 2011. 09 Aug 2011.



  1. NO CONTRACTIONS. Write out the formal version. A contraction is a word (or set of numbers) in which one or more letters (or numbers) have been omitted. The apostrophe shows this omission. In everyday communication, we speak using contractions.  However, in academic writing, contractions are not used since contractions are a form of informal writing. Academic writing is formal. For example: do not use “can’t,” use “cannot”, “don’t,” use do not, etc.


  1. When writing about something that a journalist wrote down, use the present tense. This may seem odd, but even though a journalist(s) wrote the current event article in the past, the article exists in the present. For that reason, when writing about something that was written down, use the present tense. Make sure when you discuss and refer to what was written or reported in the article that you use the present tense.


  1. Consider using good action words. For example: WORK ON THIS!

Action Words to consider:

He/She , They

discusses, discuss

examines , examine

explores, explore

focuses on, focus on

is concerned with, are concerned with

notes, note

emphasizes, emphasize

addresses, address

mentions, mention

states, state

points, point

 MLA format:  Here is the model for an MLA entry from Los Angeles Times.
Author’s last name, Author’s first name. “Article Title.” Name of Newspaper. Day Month Year of  publication. Day Month Year you opened it.




Note: For most citations, you will simply list “author’s last name, author’s first name.”  For example, “Obama, Barack.” If you have multiple authors you do it like this “Obama, Barack and Justin Timberlake”.

MLA example:


King, Laura, and Ken Dillian. “U.S. kills Taliban insurgents who downed SEALs helicopter.” Los Angeles Times. 08 Aug 2011. 09 Aug 2011.







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