Internet Scavenger Hunt

Posted: February 7, 2013

Find each of the following online and type/paste your answers in a Word document. When you are finished, save and upload your file to the SchoolLoop assignment dropbox today.

  1. A picture of the mayor of San Francisco
  2. A bus schedule
  3. The address of the Chamber of Commerce for San Francisco
  4. A map of your state—with San Francisco marked on it!
  5. A copy of the front page of San Francisco’s web site
  6. Something in writing that tells how many people live in San Francisco
  7. A picture of any historical landmark in San Francisco
  8. A picture of your congressman
  9. A program or flyer from a local arts event
  10. The names of all the city council members
  11. Something that gives information about your local hospital
  12. A list of schools in San Francisco
  13. The phone number of the local police department
  14. Anything with the colors or mascot of a local college or community college
  15. A picture of the state flag
  16. A picture of the state bird
  17. A schedule of activities or a pamphlet from a local nursing home or senior citizens center
  18. A sticker or button from a local election
  19. A list of safety tips from the local fire department
  20. A speech by your governor
  21. Three websites you used (besides Google) that helped you search for the above answers.

Make sure you also complete your Randomly Moving Character by Friday as well.