GridWorld Part 4

Posted: April 1, 2013

Part 4 of GridWorld is the last part we need to cover. Use the GridWorld Student Manual Part 4 for these assignments. The appendices in the Quick Reference will be especially useful for this part.

Here are some deadlines:

  • Do You Know? Set 7 (6 questions) – due Tues, April 2nd
  • Do You Know? Set 8 (6 questions) - due Wed/Thur, April 3rd/4th
  • Do You Know? Set 9 (7 questions) – due Wed/Thur, April 3rd/4th
  • Part 4 Exercises (6 questions) – due Mon, April 8th

Each section has it’s own SchoolLoop assignment dropbox so make sure you submit each one to the correct dropbox.

There is a group assignment at the end, but we will save that for next week.

Note – There are some other things that need to done this week as well so manage your time wisely.

  • Tetris Group Project
  • QuizStar practice quizzes