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    • New Website

      Hello, Tech Clubbers! Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few months. We have been prepping and organizing the FIRST Robotics Team. After Winter Break, we will be implementing a few new changes to make Tech Club so much awesomer for you! 1. We will be creating a new Tech Club website at [...]

    • 9/5/2012 Meeting

      Information on the meeting will come after we deal with some administrative problems. Expect a post by at least tomorrow night. I lied. I’ll do all of the site maintenance in the weekend. Sorry   Note to self: reorganize the post system to keep a new sub-section for meeting-related posts.

  • Welcome to the Tech Club!

    The mission of the Galileo Technology Club is to aid and nurture students interested in career fields relating to technology, as well as to explore and raise student awareness of the multiple technological fields available to the student population.

  • Current Project

    • PiE Robotics Competition 2012

      Pioneers in Engineering (PiE) is a non-profit robotics competition run by UC Berkeley engineering students and designed to encourage interest in science, math, and engineering amongst Bay Area high school students. The Galileo Tech Club will be participating in PiE 2012! Status: Completed; we won! Keep up with PiE news and resources on our PiE [...]

  • Club Info / Attendance

    Meetings: Tuesday afternoons Room 406 (Mr. Matsumoto) Attendance is not mandatory, drop in whenever you like! Be warned, if you don't attend you might miss out on some cool event announcements. We'll try to have everything accessible and online though, because we are aware that our members may have busy schedules.
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    Join us! Email us! galileotechclub@gmail.com