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Classes: AP Chinese                                                                                                                           August, 2009


Textbook: Integrated Chinese II                  2nd Edition by Yuehua Liu and Tao-chung Yao

Course Descriptions:

This course is designed to be comparable to the 2nd-year (or the equivalent) Chinese in colleges and universities. It will deepen the students’ immersion into the language and culture of the Chinese-speaking world; typically represent the point at which students complete approximately 250 hours of college-level classroom instructions. Course work reflects proficiencies exhibited throughout the intermediate range, as described as in American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). The curriculum is aligned with the CollegeBoard AP Chinese requirements, in addition to the SFUSD, California and national standards for foreign language. Additional authentic materials, such as alternative textbooks, CDs, DVDs, online materials, will be used to supplement learning.

Students will learn:

  1. Various aspects of contemporary Chinese society, which are introduced through the textbook and other materials that also include geography, population, ethic and regional diversities.
  2. Significant social cultural products, such as Chinese historical or political figures, festivals and holidays, traditions, customs, as well as tourist attractions and landscapes.
  3. To broaden their views by comparing Chinese cultural products, practices, and perspectives with those of their own social settings.
  4. To apply their language and cultural knowledge to complete real-world communicative tasks.
  5. Chinese typing skills.

Students will be assessed by:

  1. Class participation and performance.
  2. Homework and assignments.
  3. Interpretive, interpersonal and presentational skills (Listening, speaking, reading and writing,) exhibited from homework, quizzes, tests, skits and projects, as well as other class activities.
  4. Grading



100 – 90


80 – 89


70 – 79


50 – 69


49 – 0


Class Participation 10%
Homework & Assignment 30%
Projects 10%
Tests & Quizzes 50%

  • Class Participation – Students are expected to be present for every class of instructions. Students must provide the parent-signed and/or school-documented excuse for any absence. If an absence occurs, it is the student’s responsibility to meet the teacher and check with classmates in order to complete all the work has been missed. This also applies to students with planned absences (early dismissal for sports, field trips, appointments, etc.).
  • Homework and Assignment – Homework and assignment are due as the teacher specified. If the in-class work is not due by the end of the class, it will be students’ homework for that day and due in the following class meeting. Students’ absence of homework or late work will be recorded and the grade may go one letter down the scale according to occurrences (e.g. A→B; B→C; etc.).
  • Project – The project will be theme-oriented, strongly related to the target language culture and cultural comparison. It will be evaluated by the quality of the content, organization, delivery (presentational skills), as well as the fulfillment of the task requirements.
  • Tests and Quizzes – Students will be given a test and quizzes for each learning unit. If one misses any test/quiz, it is his/her responsibility to contact teacher for a make-up. The make-up must be taken within two days of the student’s return.
  • No cheating is tolerated for any quiz or test. Students who cheat will automatically receive 0 point and parent or guardian will be notified.

AP Chinese Test Online Resources

It’s students’ responsibility to check regularly for AP Chinese test information at http://apcentral.collegeboard.com. It is strongly recommended that every student register at AP Central CollegeBoard so that you may have better accesses to AP Chinese test and practice materials including AP Chinese 2008or 2007  Demo Exam, as well as other listening and writing materials.

AP students must read and be familiar with the files at the following online resources:

You may start with the home page of AP Chinese Language and Culture Course:

http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/public/courses/teachers_corner/37221.html. It looks like as follows.

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Course Information
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Exam Information
AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam
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Chinese Language and Culture Initiatives
The College Board has launched a series of new programs to expand Chinese education in U.S. schools and to support the growth of AP Chinese. Programs include: summer institutes in China for current Chinese teachers, guest teachers from China, school presentations on Chinese language and culture, and delegations to China. To learn more, visit: www.collegeboard.com/k12chinese.