1*/2*/5* C. 8 HW: DUE (see details)

READING ASSIGNMENT DUE: F 9/25     Read C. 8 “Learning” (pp. 243-267) OUTLINE DUE: M 9/21    Outline: “Classical Conditioning” (pp. 246-251) DUE: W 9/23   Outline: “Operant Conditioning” (pp. 254-261) DUE: F 9/25     Outline: “Learning” (pp. 265-266) You only need to write one summary at the end of the outline.  Do NOT submit three separate summaries.  

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1*/2*/5* C. 1 & Introduction Study Guide

C. Introduction/ C. 1 Thinking Critically with Psychology: Study Guide   Quiz Format:  Matching Multiple choice (may include facts-based questions and application questions—e.g. scenarios that you provide a correct solution for) Short Response (written in essay format) Include a clear and concise thesis statement/paragraph that introduces what you will be addressing in your response. Apply terms from the chapter. Define […]

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3*/6* Final Topics

* Below are the chapters that we’ve covered this semester.  If the chapter numbers are off, I will revise them tomorrow (but the topics are correct). C. 7 Consciousness C.8 Memory C. 9 Learning C. 14 Personality C. 15 Personality Disorders C. 16 Therapy C. 18 Social Psychology  

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