Wellness Coordinator


Sydney Fisher, x3162

Hi, my name is Sydney Fisher, I am the Wellness Coordinator in the Wellness Center located in Rm. 151. I am a native San Franciscan and the proud human of two dogs, Josie, an English Bulldog and a Scooby, a long-legged Chihuahua. I went to Abraham Lincoln High School, where I was a junior varsity cheer leader and ran on the track team. In my previous work experience, I have worked with foster youth in schools, pre-adjudicated and adjudicated youth, who were involved in the fostercare system and/or the juvenile justice system and youth with a history of substance use and/or mental health issues. As a social worker and your wellness coordinator, I am committed to providing student-centered services, as well as, assisting students who need to access resources that will help support their academic, mental and emotional health. I am also dedicated to and advocate for racial and social justice, diversity, freedom and equity for those who have been oppressed and marginalized by social and institutional systems. My desire is to live in a world where everyone has the ability to meet their basic needs, to be afforded equal and equitable access to opportunities and to live well, safe and free.

Wellness Nurse


Currently unavailable- will be updated asap


Community Health Outreach Worker

Naomi Forsberg, x3994

 My name is Naomi and I’m the Community Health Outreach Worker (CHOW) at Galileo. You can usually find me in Wellness Center. My job is to support you and get you what you need in Wellness- I can help you find a counselor to talk to, join a Wellness group, visit a teen clinic, educate you about STI’s, sexuality, alcohol and drugs, emotional and mental health, gender and sexuality, and lots of other things. When I’m not at Galileo I love listening to and making music, being with friends, reading, and going to new places in the Bay Area.




Wellness Behavioral Health Counselors

Tammy Visser, x3216 

IMG_3616Hey everyone! My name is Tammy and I am the full-time counselor with the Galileo Wellness Center in room 205. As one of your counselors, my goal is to help you navigate challenges and develop your narrative and voice in this world. I am here to support you with whatever it is you may need assistance with. A little bit about me – I was born and raised in San Francisco; I attended George Washington High School where I played softball and volleyball. For the past 7 years, I have worked with youth of all ages, but most recently primarily with teens. During my free time you can find me doing something outdoors, playing sports, being physically active, traveling, and or hanging out with my family and friends. I look forward to meeting you!


Danae Carvacho, x3503 


Hello, my name is Danae, and I am here at Galileo High School as one of the part-time Wellness counselors. I’m a native Spanish speaker, so I also counsel students in that language. As a counselor, I am here to support you through challenges and to help you learn more about yourself. In my free time, I love to hang out with friends and family, watch movies, and explore our beautiful city. I’m at Galileo every Monday and Tuesday, and every other Wednesday. If you want to meet with me, my office is in room 205 or you can make an appointment with Naomi in the Wellness Center. I look forward to meeting you!