2014-2015 Education Grant Status

Here is a running list of 2014-2015 Education Grant Status, please feel free to email us for more details at: [email protected]

The Galileo PTSA is pleased to announce funding for the following projects in 2014-2015:

1. Lab tables                                    $6,066.15*

2. Stools                                           $3,044.11

3. Biochem probeware                 $4,973.69

4. Graphing Calculators              $  552.16*

5. Computer Class equipment     $1,778.96

6. Galileo Planners-                      $500 –


Total:  $16,915.07


* We contributed funding to existing requests made by our teachers on the donorschoose.org website.

These planners were subsidized to provide Galileo students an opportunity to purchase planners for only $1 or to get them for free if they purchase an ASB sticker.


Galileo Academy PTSA – Sponsored Events/Projects -2013-2014

Thank you for your generous donations to the Education Fund Drive.
Here are some of “Your Donations Put to Good Use”:

We were able to sponsor the Freshmen Orientation Lunch held on August
16, 2013 providing lunches for over 500 students, parents, teachers and staff.

Galileo Academy of Science and Technology’s 18 page
Recruitment/Information Brochures given to prospective students and
parents as well as School Visitors from all over the country.

Annual Teacher/Staff Appreciation Luncheon-sponsored by PTSA to
personally thank all the teachers and staff for their year long hard work
and support to our students.

Education and Enrichment Grant Awards to teachers and staff.
Complete list of grant awards can be found in our PTSA website
under “Project &Grant status”.

Gifts for the annual “Teacher “ and “Staff” of the year winners chosen by

Parent Meetings and Wellness Workshops to help support parents as their
child goes through the high school years.

Galileo PTSA Education and Enrichment Grant Awards – 2013-2014

Thanks to the generous donations toward the Galileo PTSA Education Fund
Drive, we have been able to award the following grants totaling $5,118.44.

Eugene Wing, ASB Advisor
Registration for CADA Leadership Conference – $500

39 Student leaders attended this annual Student Leadership Conference
sponsored by CADA, California Association for Director of Activities.

Paul Matsumoto, Chemistry Teacher
Purchase of a Milligram Precision Electronic Balance – $437.66

This equipment will be used for various chemistry laboratory activities. Other science teachers
will also have access to this balance.

Stan DeBella, Biotech Academy Lead Teacher
Purchase of Biotechnology supplies – $488.84

Purchase of consumable supplies of gloves used in classroom activities involving Genetics and
DNA, Proteins and Immunology.

Naomi Forsberg, Wellness Center Community Health Outreach Worker
Nail Art Club – $153.35

Purchase of nail art supplies and equipment. This club gives students a safe place to talk, develop
healthy relationships with peers and adults, and relieve stress helping to foster students’ self
esteem, creativity and discovery of new artistic talents.

Jessica Colvin, Wellness Center Coordinator
Wellness Program Incentives – $294.36

Purchase of incentives (prizes) for students to participate fully in the annual school wide health
awareness event focusing on: Mental Health Awareness, Sexual Health Awareness, Nutrition and
Substance Abuse Prevention.

Bai Zhen and Serena Chan, College Counselors
College Night and Financial Aid FAFSA workshops – $422.23

Purchase of snacks and drinks for two 3-4 hour long evening workshops given to approximately
200 parents and students on “Road to College” and “FAFSA”, applying for student loans,
scholarships, gift aids and more.

Doug Page. Mathematics Department Chair
Purchase of Teacher Pack (10 calculators) Texas Instruments-TI-84 Plus C Silver EZ-Spot
Graphing Calculators – $1,237

With the move to Common Core State Standards for Math, graphing calculators will be needed
by students in the lower level classes. Math teachers will share the use of these calculators in all
math level classes .
Curtis Chin, Science Teacher
Purchase of AP Biology Review books – $498.24

These Biology Review books are for classroom use to help prepare students for the AP Biology
Exams, and will be a resource for the next 5-10 years.

Mirjam Krohne, Teacher
Wellness-After School Girl’s Club-Movement – $111.16

Purchase of scrapbook and Year End Pizza party for participants in this Movement
Class with support from Wellness Center and Futurama.

Kristy Morrison, English Teacher
Creative Writing Books – $500

Funds to publish “Students’ Creative Writings” for students in her 10th, 11th and 12th grade
Creative Writing Classes including short stories, poems and prose. Each student has their own
personal copy of their hard work and reflects Galileo’s diverse student community. Copies may
be found in the Galileo Library.

Alicia Sheppeck, World Language Department Head
Spanish Readers – $475.60

Purchase of 2 classroom sets of Spanish Readers, 4 corresponding audio CDs and 2 Activity
Masters for Spanish classes to improve students’ reading levels, writing and spoken vocabulary.

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There are many ways to help Galileo rasie funds, so check out our Donation and Support page by clicking Here.

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