List of Registered Club and Student Organizations 2015-2016

Club NameMeeting Day, Time, RoomSponsor
Adopt-An-Alleyway Empowerment Project1st & 4th Friday @4:30 655 Clay St.Wing, E
American Red CrossMonday @Lunch 255Juan, J
Anime ClubWednesday @Lunch 316Borelli, B
Aquarium ClubThursday After School 403Chinn, C
Arab Culture Club Wednesday @Lunch 461Lynch, D & Borrelli, B
Baking ClubMonday @Lunch 317Jung, M
Black Student Union1st Friday @Lunch 263 Herron-Lane, T & Hardee,S
Bridge ClubWednesday After School 312 Borelli, B
Chess ClubThursday @Lunch 463Seligson, W
Chinese Culture ClubFriday @Lunch 353 Tong, G
Christian ClubWednesday @Lunch 317Jung, M
Cooking ClubFriday After School 214 McDonagh, M
Create It YourselfWednesday @Lunch 359Loy, J
Fitness ClubTuesday @Lunch 153Liang, K
Freshmen Pep ClubWednesday @Lunch 412Laux, B
Gay Straight AllianceFriday @Lunch 465 Mendribil, K
Heart In Motion1st Friday @Lunch 458 Meyers, R
JROTC Drum Crops Hardee, STuesday to Thursday After School 157 Hardee, S
JROTC Exhibiton Drill TeamEveryday Afterschool 157Hardee, S
Junior Pep Club Tuesday @Lunch 256Roman, M & Taylor, J
Key ClubMonday After School 203Gates, C
Korean ClubMonday @Lunch 203Gates, C
Latino ClubThursday @Lunch 466Sheppeck, A
Lion Dance MEFriday After School DSFuturama
Nature BuddiesFriday @Lunch 357Franzen, L
Senior Pep Club Monday @Lunch 401Rivera, J & Harris, M
Sophomore Pep ClubTuesday @Lunch 316Borelli, B
Tech/Robotics ClubThursday After School 102Tan, D
Yoga ClubTuesday @Lunch 354Tang, C
Youth for Community Engagement: Red Cross Tuesday & Thrusday @Lunch 314Wai, J

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